Conference & Abstract Manager - Features

Conference & Abstract Management System lets authors submit their abstracts online and delegates register and make payments for conferences, comes with a very expansive Reviewer Management System to assign, review, reject and recommend abstracts submitted, has powerful ACL capabilities to manage multiple user types with different access controls.

Conference & Abstract Manager - Features Explained
  • Create Unlimited User Types with ACL - Access Control (ACL) for User Types. Admin can create whatever User Type he wants and based on each user type access requirements, he can then set Access for Viewing, Editing, Adding Abstracts, Reviewing et al.
  • Multiple Payment Methods for Conferences - Option to Enable/Disable Payment Methods from the backend for Conference Manager. Payment Methods: Paypal Payment Gateway; Ogone Payment Gateway; Offline Payment.
  • Setup Customized Emails - Automated emails are generated in the system: Authors who sign up for an account; Reviewers who are allocated an account by the administrator; New administrator accounts; Reviewers who are assigned documents; Authors whose submissions/documents are accepted; Authors whose submissions/documents are rejected; Orders which are Confirmed, Pending or Not completed.
  • Option to Set a Last Date for Abstract Submission Post that date, Abstract user cant add or Edit their Abstracts.
  • Conference options - Limit number of delegates who can register for each conference and Number of Abstracts for each Conference.
  • RSS Feed for Submitted Abstracts - Once a Conference is over, Admin has the option to make the abstracts public.
  • Option to Enable/Disable Reviewers and Chief Reviewers Registration from the Frontend.
  • Multiple Reviewers can be assigned to a single Abstract i.e. Joint reviews of papers and abstracts can occur by as many reviewers as required. Abstracts Manager automatically compiles the results based on each Reviewer's remarks. Also, the vice-versa is true i.e. multiple Abstracts can be assigned to a single Reviewer.
  • Frontend Control Panel for Authors - Authors can check their Abstract's Status from their control panel. If it is still being reviewed, it would simply say "Your Abstract is under review".
  • Frontend Control Panel for Reviewers - When the reviewing process is completed, authors are automatically informed via e-mail if their submission has been accepted, declined or suggested to be revised and resubmitted.
  • Coupon Manager to add Early bird coupons with various discount and Expiry Date. So one can create coupons for those who register early get x discount, Those who are from a certain organization, gets y discount etc. As soon as a Coupon is applied in the Conference registration, it deducts the total amount which user has to pay for conference registration.
  • Custom Field Manager to create fields viz. File Upload, Dropdown, Multi-select, Image Upload, PDF Upload and other fields in Conference Registration form and Abstract Submission Form.
  • Download PDF Abstract Book for each conference with option to customize the PDF layout by choosing to publish/unpublish from the available fields you have created in the backend. Generate PDF versions of Abstracts Submitted with its details including Authors, Reviewers and Remarks.
  • Invoice Builder - Invoice generation on successful payment in Conference Registration. Option to Regenerate Invoice from the Order Manager in the backend. Customizable Invoice template with shortcodes for various fields.
  • Export Authors, Reviewers and Submitted Abstracts along with their details in CSV format. Ability to choose fields you want to export.
  • Request Recommendation letters - Email to Recommendees with link to add/edit their recommendations until the last date of submission. The Recommendation letters can be seen by authors, reviewers and admin (in the backend).
  • Program Builder - fetches the data from Accepted and Allocated Abstracts which includes Author, Title, Time, Venue and link to the Abstract page. In the backend, Admin can add further details viz. Breakfast, Opening Keynotes etc. It has an Allocate button to allocate time and venue for accepted abstracts and automatically email the details to respective authors.
  • Google Analytics Integration - Option to add your Google Analytics ID so you could view the reports of users browsing your website from Google Analytics dashboard.
  • Conditional fields - Create and add fields for Accommodation Fees and other similar expenses related to Delegates/Attendees, Dependent fields and Separating the registration/submission forms into multiple pages. Available for Abstract Submission and User Registration Forms.