Conference & Abstract Management

The Conference & Abstract Management platform lets authors submit & manage their abstracts online and allows attendees to register & make payment for your conference. It also has a very expansive Reviewer Management System enabling reviewers to assign, review, reject and recommend submitted abstracts.


Submit Abstracts & Papers

Frontend Dashboard is for Authors to Submit abstracts, PDF files and information add other participating authors, and for Saving and Editing the abstract submitted. Admin can set a Last Date for Abstract Submission and prevent authors from editing the abstract.


Review Abstracts

Control Panel for Reviewers to Review abstracts. Reviewers can review abstracts, leave their comments, accept or reject the abstract and notify authors. Admin can assign multiple reviewers to an abstract or multiple abstracts to a reviewer.


Export Reviews & Abstracts

Editors can export a single abstract or all abstracts into CSV format and view it in Excel spreadsheets. You can also export users (authors/delegates and reviewers) in CSV format and can be used to import into a third party software.


Pay Online for Conferences

Delegates can choose from multiple Payment Methods to pay for Conference registration including Paypal, & Bank Transfer.


Setup Customized Emails

Automated emails generated for: Authors who sign up for an account; Reviewers who are allocated an account by an administrator etc.


Dedicated Conference Website

You get a dedicated website for your conference with a dashboard to manage your users, orders, submitted abstracts, event details and other pages.


Download Abstract Book (PDF)

Generate and Download all the submitted abstracts in the form of an Abstract book (PDF version) along with the option to include images, authors details, reviewers and their reviews.


Custom Registration Forms

With custom fields, you get the ability to customize the Delegates and Author registration forms by creating your own fields in the registration form for users to fill.


Customizable Delegates Fees

Create customized pricing for delegates paying online viz. Accommodation charges, Traveling costs etc with option to associate them according to different memberships.

  • Export Abstracts and Users
  • Create coupons for Members
  • Access archived Abstracts
  • Consistent Frontend Design
  • Extensive Staff Training
  • Dedicated On-site support
  • Host your conference site with us or setup on your own cloud
  • Responsive layout ensures consistent look & feel on any mobile device
  • Easily create fields for uploading audio, PDF, and other file formats

Have a Look - The Screenshots

Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot

Conference Backend

How it Works | Process Flow


Abstract Submission Process

Confirmation email sent to authors


Assign Review Process

Emails sent to Reviewers with assigned abstracts


Delegate Registration & Payments

Registration email sent to delegates


Panel building Process

Acceptance Rejection email sent to submitter


Abstract Book Generation

Abstract Books generated in PDF and CD formats

Proprietary Software License for Conference & Abstract Management System

Lifetime License (Unlimited Conferences)

  • One-time License Fee
  • Dedicated Off-site support through Email and Skype
  • 12 months FREE software updates
  • Professional Installation & Setup
  • Open access to source code
  • Free basic branding & customizations
  • Renewable Support Packages
  • Paid Customization Services
  • White Label (No "Powered By" link)

Lifetime License (Up to 20 Conferences)

  • One-time License Fee
  • Dedicated Off-site support through Email and Skype
  • 12 months FREE software updates
  • Professional Installation & Setup
  • Open access to Source code
  • Free basic branding & customizations
  • Renewable Support Packages
  • Paid Customization Services
  • White Label (No "Powered By" link)

Not Available

Professional Services

When an organization grows by leaps and bounds, the requirements grow at the same pace and at times, they’re very specific. To serve these specific needs, we have set up a professional services team which provides bespoke conference management platforms to our fast-growing customers. Get in touch with us to discuss more about your custom requirements and a quote.

Organizations who use Conference & Abstract Manager

University of Southampton

Montanuniversität Leoben

Imperial College

Case Studies & Resources

EATB is using Conference & Abstract Management System

European Association of Tissue Banks (EATB) is hosting its Conference & Abstracts submissions online using a customized version of Conference & Abstract Management System.

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Southampton University is using Conference & Abstract Management System

A faculty from Southampton University has contacted us about using Conference & Abstract Management System for hosting the UK Turbulence Consortium workshop 2014. The UK Turbulence Consortium first came into being in 1995 under the leadership of Professor Neil Sandham, University of Southampton.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Hosted Plans for Conference & Abstract Management System?
Hosted plans are a cost-effective way to use our Conference and Abstract Management system. With hosted plans, we host your conferences on our servers and provide you with complete access to manage your conference, abstract submissions, reviewers, delegates and payments. You do not have to worry about installation and payment integration. We will do it all for you including integrating your desired payment gateway for accepting payments from delegates.

Can I purchase the Proprietary Software license?
If you want to host Conference Management System on your own server with access to the source code, you can purchase the proprietary software license which provides you with complete source code, Free software updates and the license to use the software for a period of 1 year from the date of purchase. Once that period is over, you can renew the license.

Is Conference and Abstract Manager available for Joomla?
Yes, Conference and Abstract Manager is available for Joomla.

What is Custom Domain Mapping?
Custom Domain Mapping allows you to hide our URL where your conference is hosted and instead display your own custom domain by setting up a CNAME record for your domain name and redirecting it to the Hosted Conference Website URL.

Do you provide support for your product?
Yes, we provide dedicated support for Conference Management System including any custom developments you want done on your hosted conference website.

Do you provide On-site support for your product?
We provide on-site support for customers who are using the Enterprise version. We send a developer to the customer's business address for upto 1 week to setup the whole system and sort any issues which may arise. Post that, our email support take the lead. We send our developers to customers in any part of the world.

What happens with the onsite support in the case of foreign clients?
In case of foreign countries, we ask the client to arrange a business visa for the developer we would be sending for on-site support. We bear the travel, accommodation and food cost for upto 1 week. If customer wishes the developer to continue providing on-site support beyond that duration, we allow the extension for upto 1 month. However, the client should be able to provide the transportation, accommodation and food fees while also extending the visa's validity.

Do you charge additional for custom developments?
Honestly, we dont want you to pay any further apart from the monthly fee we have for respective Hosted plans. Therefore, we will try our best to do all the custom developments for Free as part of our dedicated support. However, there shall be some customizations which may need more resources than usual and in those scenarios, we may have to charge additional development fees.

What do you mean when you say upto 100 Abstracts submissions?
By upto 100 abstract submissions, it means this plan allows you to receive upto 100 Abstracts submissions from authors. If you expect more than 100 abstract submissions, you should choose the higher plans.

How are abstract submissions counted?
Each abstract submission is counted as one.

Can I cancel a plan at anytime?
Yes, you can cancel and upgrade / downgrade your plan at any time.

Can I export my data?
Yes. Your data is just that, yours. We provide several export options including CSV format. We make it easy for you to get your data.

Does hosted plans get instant software updates or is it only meant for those who have Proprietary Software licenses?
All hosted plans get instant software updates as they are released without you needing to do anything.