Subject: user management in JoomD

Ques: Hi, I´m searching for a possibility that a specific user can be assigned to a specific item (which has been created by someone else than the user, e.g. the admin), so that this specific user can edit this item. So I´m interested to link a specific item to a specific user. Does JoomD offer such a user management system?

Ans: At first you need to go at type manager click the type created by you, at there a option Publishing Options, make it backend, After doing this go to at item at there you will find a option created by , at here you can change it will work for you.

Subject: Creating "Installable Fields"?

Ques: So far I'm liking the JoomD package, and as a freelance developer working on 2 directory sites (retail districts) it's saved me so much time in set up and development.

Sadly though, it is lacking one field I sorely need - a trading hours field type.

I've got no problems creating one if you can point me in the general direction? The features list "installable fields" and the screenshot shows custom fields but I can't find any developer.

documentation about making them.

Should be a combination field (like the address I guess) with 14 text input boxes.

Ans: Right now there isn't any custom field application available for download. However there few going to release very soon such as related items, radius search and few others. But until then you

can take help from the existing the custom field files. You can find these in com_joomd/libraries/apps/field/fields/address.xml and address.php. If you need to zip your files in a package and can

install using Applications tab in back end. If you find anything confusing please let me know. We'll be happy to help you. We also list the applications developed by other developers on our site.

You can share your app with us

Subject: Auto ordering items and load more button: it is possible?

Ques: Hi, i'm using 2.2.5 version of JoomD on my local site. So i've many Questions about...

1 - In my site, now, items are listed by id of publication. So, it's possible to give another order to the page? I have not find any setting in the backend to do that. So, now it's possible from front-end

when you click on the name of the item, but i need to order items alphabetical automatically.

2 - Is possible, when you enter in a category or in a global item list, view all the items without the load-more button at the bottom of the page?

Ans: When you create a menu there is an option to set the ordering of items in front end under Basic Options.

You can control the number of items to display using the Joomla's Global Configuration List limit.

Subject: can we switch the editor? using joomd 2.3 version

Ques: is it possible to use default joomla editor now... i see no way to do this... please advise.. trey

Ans: You can't use Joomla's default editor right now. But You'll be able to do it very soon. We're working on it.

Subject: Customizing the search module?

Ques: I'd like to edit the source code of the search module to make two drop menus for the categories, one for top categories and the other for the sub categories of the selected parent category,

i'll do it on my own i just love to have directions or hints from you.

Ans: It's mod_joomd_search module you want to modify.

Template file is mod_joomd_serch/tmpl/default.php

Database file is mod_joomd_search/helper.php.

Category table __joomd_category and the parent column is used to save the parent id.

If you want to send Ajax reQuest you can use JoomD component controller to execute that reQuest.

Subject: JoomD items module, search module, categories module and component Questions / wishlist

Ques: Thank you for charing JoomD with the Joomla community, it is an excellent component.

I am just migrating my site from Joomla 1.5 (using Sobi2) to Joomla 2.5 (using JoomD) and I have some Questions / reQuests:

1. How can I display an item's category in items module listing and in the results list from search module?

2. It would be helpful if we could alter the series of fields in items module and in category view compared with the standard rank in detail view.

3. Is it possible to limit the number of categories a registered user in front end can pick for their listings?

4. Is it possible to moderate user's changes in their own listings? They would be able to make changes in frontend but they would get a message that changes will take effect after admin approval.

Ans: Here are the Answers to you Questions:

1. Need to make modification in code for this.

2. There are options to include fields in category view, item list view and item detail view in Field manager. And there is another option in module parameter to select the fields to display in module.

3. There is an application as Subscription manager, it controls types, categories and featured option. You can check out JoomD App Store for this.

4. You can enable/disable Item moderation using Configuration, But if you enable moderation it'll disable that particular item until admin moderates that.

Subject: Search result priority

Ques: i am using the joomd search module.

How is the order in which the result search are displayed? If a search for a field (i.e. the field common to all the categories is "Name") is there the possibility to add priority to some items, or to some categories?

My problem is that i have some items which have to be visualized at the top of the search result.

Ans: The items are sorted with ordering column on search result page. There isn't any other priority option available right now.

Subject: JoomD Search Module Fatal Error Please Help

Ques: I get this error on enabling Search Module

Fatal error: Class 'JoomdAppField' not found in /home/*****/modules/mod_joomd_search/mod_joomd_search.php on line 37

I am using JoomD version 2.3.0 and Search Module Version 2.3.0

Ans: Search module isn't for JoomD 2.3 Please find it here

Subject: Limit the number of image

Ques: Hi team, thank you for developing this extension, it's awesome. Currently I'm still trying to explore all its features. My Questions are:

1. Is there any way to limit the number of images uploaded by users when the image field type is selected "multiple"?

2. If I want to modify the layout of the items listed in front end, which css code do I have to modify? In JoomD css panel or in another css file? Why when I tried to play by modifying css code in

JoomD css panel (I was only trying to change the background color of the item list), it took hours to give effect?

I am using JoomD 2.2.2

Ans: 1. It's there in JoomD 2.3 going to release next week.

2. You can modify the CSS using CSS manager in back end. It modifies the file in com_joomd/templates/classic/css/style.css.

Find classes with itemlist and itemrow_type

Please clear cache of your joomla site, It might be causing the issue.

Subject: when I clickonmy list feature in joomd my title and file mingle together in list format and can't be read

Ques: I ma not sure what I am doing wrong but when I hit my list button The title and file name get jumbled together and are dificult to read. how can I fix this?

Ans: Please go to the Field manager and remove the CSS class suffix from these fields, seems you are using the default CSS classes for these fields which were created for a particular layout of blog or car listing.

Subject: I need to be able to assign ownership to another user in JoomD

Ques: I imported a long list of places into JoomD. Now I need to assign ownership to the specific places that I imported to specific users registered on my Joomla site. How can I do this? Right now I (as administrator) am set as the owner for all items.

Ans: For this to achieve you need to go to every item. Click on edit button and you would see there at the right panel created by under publishing options. Set it from here. If you don't see the right panel go to the type manager and enable the publishing option to display in back end or wherever you want.

Subject: Search Results in popup/new window

Ques: How can I get the search results to display in a new window, without the site template. Just the result grid?

Ans: You need to make few modifications.

Find com_joomd/views/search/tmpl/default.php add an attribute as target="_blank" in form tag at line 28 and add an hidden input tag like at line 98.

And you are done. Create a menu for search page.

If you are using JoomD search module then you need to do the same thing in modules/mod_joomd_search/tmpl/default.php

Subject: Access levels for specific fields

Ques: I was wondering is there a way to enable field level entry access. What I would like to do is allow registered users to be able to make an entry but then have users with special levels of access be able to make entry to the "standard" fields and additional fields assigned to there access level(s). Public users could see all fields listed. Thank you for a great extension and any help you can provide.

Ans: There isn't any access level like you are talking. You can just set the view level of fields, it'll allow you to display the fields in item list and item detail layout according to the user's authorized access levels. However there is a Subscription Manager application for JoomD 2.3. Using this application you can create packages which user can purchase or just add to their account if it's free. And there are various options in packages including types, categories and fields. It'll allow only the selected fields to the user who have purchase that particular subscription package.

Subject: CSV Samples

Ques: Are there instructions for Importing csv files, or a sample csv file anywhere?

Ans: You just need to export the data and that would be your sample file. Here are few points for the CSV file format to import:

1. In the very first row, you need to enter the Type Name

2. In the second row enter the Category then alias and followed by all the field titles you want to import whether new or existing.

3. In the third row enter the values of the category, alias and all the fields

Subject: Need Help for JoomD

Ques: hi all...congrats to joomD team.iam new to joomla, i hv knowledge on php....i need help that how could i build a site like ( joom D directory step by step.....please tell me...some of u already build that............u can mail me @ This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Ans: It's just CSS you need to modify. This Type is included by default in JoomD package. Please find the css classes assigned to every field in Field Manager. And you can find the CSS in com_joomd/templates/classic/css/style.css

Subject: Installation error v2.3 - JFolder: :delete: Path is not a folder

Ques: I had got a previous version of JoomD but could not install v.2.3 over it. So I deleted all the pervious verion's files and tried agaain, but I am still getting this error -Component Install: DB function reports no errors

Ans: JoomD 2.2 can not be upgraded to 2.3 right now, we are working on upgrade package will be out soon. However the issue you are having is just becaeoptions in type manager by clicking on edit button of any type.

Subject: JoomD title in add post and in list display?

Ques: I am having an overlapping issue. In JoomD there's a default Title field which doesnt show in the fields section. I added another field named Subject so I can apply CSS styles to it.

The second issue is that when on display list, I get the description field overlaps with the format of the Subject field! is there a way to fix this issue?

Ans: Please find item_cell css class in com_joomd/templates/classic/css/style.css and modify the properties as per you need. Or provide us the url we'll let you know exactly where and what to change

Subject: Drop down in search module

Ques: How can I display a dropdown list in my search module, so that visitors can browse certain categories?

Ans: There is an option in Search Module parameters to show/hide category drop down. Please check it out.

Subject: Layout problems with fields and language field

Ques: Thanks for excellent product. I am running a multi-lang site with right-to-left RTL section. I have some issues with the layout, highlighted below:

1) Fields in table such as textbox, select list etc are left aligned. I tried to check the CSS file but couldnt figure out how the fields are styled. I dont mean the lables but the actual fields.

2) On the add new post form, I get the language drop down list and I need to hide it so that the user doesnt need to select the language. Is there a way to do it?

3) Certain fields such as the select list or drop down menu fields are two large, I mean the user has to scroll the list to see what options he or she has to choose!

4) On the CSS most of the fields contents are set for absolute positioning, if I access the page from a mobile device with mobile template on Joomla such as JTouch I get a messy layout!

Ans: Here are the Answers to your Questions:

1. Find table.edittable td in com_joomd/assets/css/joomd.css and set text-align to right, right now it's left.

2. Simply remove that row in com_joomd/views/itempanel/tmpl/form.php and add " />.

3. find ui-multiselect-single .ui-multiselect-checkboxes input in com_joomd/assets/css/jquery.multiselect.css and add display:none; property. It's a CSS Conflict.

4. The code is template (JoomD Template) specific. You can create a different template JoomD template as per your need. However we are going to rewrite the CSS of Classic template very soon.

Subject: Image upload button not working

Ques: I've installed the latest version (2.2.5 I believe) on my local machine to test out the extension and see if it'd do what I need. Initially I was pleased but I've run into one small problem that I hope can be easily addressed. One of the fields I added is an Image field. Randomly the '+ Add Image' button will quit working. I noticed that the click region on the button is very small and only around the plus sign, not the whole button. I'm fine with that, but I need it to work all of the time not just some of the times. Any idea what it can be?

Ans: It seems to be some CSS/Javascript conflict. Please check out the error console and let us know if you find something.

Subject: Problem with Page Title

Ques: Hi. First of all, my compliments for the great component.

I wish I could change the title of the page in a menu type "Item List Layout" using Parameters - System section in additional parameters but it does not work. The page title is one of the category title.

Ans: Find $pagetitle = $category->name; in com_joomd/views/item/view.html.php at line 117 and replace it with $pagetitle = $params->get( 'page_title'); Please let us know if it works for You.

Subject: French language files for JoomD

Ques: Here the language file for the FR front.

Accustomed to Flexicontent (director from, I found very interesting JoomD.

I started to trAnslate the administration when I realized that it was impossible to use an editor installed in Joomla, as JCE with its advantages.

I must sadly abandon the project that his editor did not match my needs.

Are there plAns to change the call of the editor?

Ans: Definitely, We are going to integrate JoomD with Joomla's editors. It's already there in the list of upcoming features. Soon after the release of JoomD 2.3, we are going to work on several new features including this. If you want it sooner please contact to our Sales Team at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it as We really don't want you to abandon the project. And thank you very much for the TrAnslation.

Subject: JoomD config problems

Ques: i have installed JoomD but have notices a few things are not working. I have made a menu item to the Item list view and have checked 'no' for all of the Hits, Author, Created, Modified, etc information as well as the email and print icons but they continue to display.

Ans: You are making changes to Global Configuration. Each type has it's own configuration. You can change it by going to type manager and click on edit button to edit any of the type. Here at the right panel you'll see the configuration parameters.

Subject: item title in breadcrumbs

Ques: 1-I want to display the item title (or item name) in breadcrumbs. How can I do that?

2-In item layout the h1 tag is the site name but it should be more convenient if it was the item title too.

Ans: 1. In file com_joomd/views/item/view.html.php at line at line 97 above or below

$params->set('page_title', $value);

add the below code:

$pathway = $mainframe->getPathWay();

$pathway->addItem( $this->escape($value));

2. Item title already displays within h1 Tag. Please let me know if meant something else

Subject: list view read more no longer goes to menu

Ques: after adding a few more items now at the bottom of the page we have load more not pagination that i expected the problem with this is items selected after the read more is used its no longer linked to a menu.

before load more

after load more

why is this stoping sef working after load more is clicked

Ans: Find com_joomd/views/item/tmpl/default_item.php if you've not changed JoomD template and using the same Classic.

at line 22 and 43

replace &id='.$item->id with &id='.$item->id.'&Itemid='.$this->cparams->Itemid

Subject: How can I delete items on frontend in JoomD

Ques: Hi I am running j 2.5.6 and JoomD 2.2.5

I am trying to delete items from the frontend.

For purposes of testing I have set ACL options for "type" and in the "configuration" options to allow add /edit / delete to all users except public but I still cannot view the delete button - the standard red "add" button shows up above list and details entry but no delete option whatsoever.

Any ideas - I was thinking it may be a css issue whereby the button is somehow hidden e.g z-index or div position.

Thanks for any help you can offer.

Ans: There is another layout for managing the Items as Item Cpanel Layout. Please go to that layout to manage the Items. You need to create a menu For this.

Subject: How to use JoomD Content Plugin

Ques: How to use the JoomD Content Plugin?

Ans: Just Install the Plugin using Joomla Extension Manager and Go to Plugin manager. Click on JoomD Content Plugin, enable it and read it's description. Now use the keywords given in description to put into the Articles.

Subject: Upload Error: "This type is not allowed"

Ques: When creating a new item, I tried uploading an image but get the following error: "This type is not allowed" The image is a jpg and is just 30k large with the dimensions: 400px x 400px. I tried several times with different image types. Has anyone had this issue and is there something I'm doing wrong?

Ans: Please go to field manager and click on edit Icon to edit Image field. Here you need to check allowed file types (e.g. .png,.gif,.jpg ).

Subject: Listings in multiple directory?

Ques: What is the way to assign listings to multiple categories?

I want to make a list of therapists.

I m thinking both ways:

Each therapist (item) can practice (belong to) multiple therapies (categories).

Each therapy (item) can be practiced by (belong to) many therapists (categories)

I just started trying joomD and this is crucial to know if it can do the job for me or I have to look for something else.

Ans: You need to create a Type as Therapists ( to add therapists ). Go to Categories and Add Therapies there. Now Go to Therapists section and start adding Therapists. You can now select as many Therapies in Each Therapists as many you want. Please let us know is it what you want.

Subject: Map module not displaying items

Ques: My items are not displaying in the map module, screen shots of font end and back end configurations are attached. Can you tell me how to fix it?

Ans: Please check the type selected in module parameter. Is it the same type you want to display the items from. And also check the locations of the items.

Subject: JoomD slide show malfunction

Ques: I have installed joomd. Slide show in pre design car listing directory is working fine, but when I create one directory there slide show is not working properly. Not showing slide width, and showing white space below the sliding image. How to fix it, please advice.

Ans: You need to modify css for this. Please find the examples at, here you'll see slideshows in Fashion Directory and Car Listing with different height and width. You need to make changes in com_joomd/templates/classic/css/style.css

Subject: Template/Layout - how and were

Ques: Hi Very nice solution, looking at it to build a directory, howevner i need to understand some subejcts before i build it.

1. The nature of the template/layout

2. I have read at you have released a version 2.2, were do i find this version.

3. What is the diff between "JoomD My Entries/Items Module" and JoomD Saved Entries/Items Module

4. In the newletter module , is it possible to control wich categories the user can choose

5. What about preformance i need about 10.000 records/posts

Ans: Answers to your Questions:

1. The nature of the template/layout Please be more detailed on this. Dont ask objective Questions.

2. I have read at you have released a version 2.2, were do i find this version. We have released it for private beta. Will be available for public in the next 2 days.

3. What is the diff between "JoomD My Entries/Items Module" and JoomD Saved Entries/Items Module My entries module lists entries you have added. My Saved entries module lists entries you have saved.

4. In the newletter module , is it possible to control wich categories the user can choose No. All categories are listed there for users to choose from.

5. What about preformance i need about 10.000 records/posts You can have 200,000 records per posts. No issues with performance. It uses MySQL as you already know. Tweak your MySQL installation if you are having issues with database performance.

Subject: Problems With JoomD v2.2.2

Ques: A number of minor issues with v2.2.2 have come:

1. The auto update didn't work, but I was able to manually update instead.

2. Between "Add Item" and "Item Detail" it says "Error Message".

3. If you paste text into the WYSIWYG fields, it doesn't recognize it as being there, you have to click the "CODE" button on and off, but manually typing it in works.

4. Can't add a image using the image field in the frontend, as nothing happens when you click the button, but it does work in the backend of the site.

5. Here on my site the items on the list are all merging together, haven't been able to find a setting in the CSS to change it, also the "More Info" button is at the top of each item, how can I move it down and finally the "Built Using JoomD" copyright notice is hidden under one of the images.

Ans: 1. Can you tell us what the error / issue you got with auto update.

2. Which page are you talking about

3. We are working on it, will be resolved very soon.

4. It's a css conflict on your site.

5. It's also a css conflict on your site.

If you want we can correct it on your site. You need to provide the ftp details to us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Subject: Manual/User Guide for JoomD with Joomla 2.5

Ques: Is there a manual or user guide for JoomD (with Joomla 2.5). I have found one for Joomla 1.5 but cannot seem to find one for your wonderfully updated JoomD component

Ans: Documentation For JoomD v >= 2.0 isn't available right now. But we are here to make you each and everything which confuses you. Documentation will be available very soon after the

release of JoomD 2.3. Here is a little about JoomD 2.2.4 to start:

Joomd has got Type manager it allows you to create multiple directory type.

1. You create two directories first is Car listing and second is Blog Listing. (already created )

2. Now you'll see two links in the submenu bar as "Car listing" and "Blog Listing"

3. You can go to these links and start creating Items in these types.

But before creating the items in these Directory types you need to create categories and fields for these types

1. Go to category manager create categories and select types in these categories in which you want to include these categories.

2. Go to Field Manager and create fields and select types and categories in which you want to include these fields.

That's it you can now create menus for category list layout, Item list layout, Item detail layout, Item search layout, Item cpanel layout and Item add layout for different types.

Subject: show categories with items in table

Ques: is it possible to get a layout as show in the picture? its should list items of a few categories in a table some few fields?

Ans: You need to create a Menu Item with Item List Layout and select a category in the menu parameter available at right hand side. To change the width of the columns, you need to assign css classes to Fields in Field manager and then you can define these classes in com_joomd/templates/classic/css/style.css. You can take help from the JoomD demo.

Subject: joomd print layout

Ques: I didn't need the default utube gadget the car catalogue. So I managed to modify the css to get the description floating on the left and the fields on the right instead.

But it took a lot of messing around, as there is no css documentation, and it's very tempermental.

I want to get the print window layout looking nice as well but cannot find the right css tags, nothing seems to work.

I want the text in the print window to float on the left with the pics on the right, at the moment they overlap.

Ans: You can change the print css in com_joomd/templates/classic/css/style.css file with #joomdprint prefixed to every class or id you add.

Subject: Directory Items not displaying

Ques: I have created a member directory for a bar association and divided the directory items by practice area. When I click on a practice area only a "more info" button appears for each entry, but it does not display the name of the entry or any other info. I have tried all the different settings to no avail. Please help!

Ans: In Item list layout only those fields are displayed which are set to display in Item List layout and are assigned to selected category. You can change this property by going to Field manager in back end, and set Include in Item List layout to Yes and also check the categories selected.

Subject: Using JoomD as a private directory

Ques: Is it possible to use JoomD with j2.5 to create a directory that allows registered users to post information that only they can view and edit?

Administrators could then view and edit all listings

Ans: You can use Joomla's Access levels for this. You need to create an access level and assign the groups whom you want to make the listing visible (Super user or any other). Now when creating items select this newly created access level. Please let us know if it could help you in achieving what you want.

Subject: Text overlapping, Title too Large and Plugin Issue

Ques: I would be grateful if anyone who has the Answered to my Questions to help me out with it. When I create a custom 'TYPE' and have 'CATEGORIES' in it with appropriate feilds. Then when i create a menu to display the category from this Custom Type the title overlaps with the image and then entire formatting goes bad. I am suck with the default type 'Car Listing', because thats the only Types that displays fine and maintains the formatting of the category list. Has anyone faced this kind of a problem and is if yes how could one solve it.Also the font used to display the item title is too large and I would like to make it a little smaller. I could go to every php and css file and changing the heading to a small parameter. I was thinking is there any other way of doing it.Also a last Question. I have no idea how to use the content plugin or search plugin. is there a code that we need to put in the content e.g. {xxx/xxx/xxx} or some other method.

Ans: You can find the css controlling this layout in templates/classic/css/style.css. Or provide us the url to your site, We'll let you know the issue causing layout changes.

Subject: How about display the user input form in horizontal form instead of vertical form

Ques: I break my target into smaller steps. How about display the user input form in horizontal form instead of vertical form. I tried views section but there is top and the bottom clear but middle section is not .yeah.. it loads that part dynamically through ajax, but could not figure out how.

Ans: If you are talking about the Add an Item layout, then You'll find it in com_joomd/views/itempanel/tmpl/form.php and find loadformfields function in com_joomd/libraries/classes/fields.php.

Subject: Help required with style.css file

Ques: There is a volunter help me to understan for which reason my images remain in vertical order instead of in horizontal?

I've take a look at the style.css of the default template (Classic) but I was not able to understand the way (I'm not an expert).

Ans: There is an option in field manager in back end to set the image field display images in slideshow, You need to set that to yes.

Subject: Bigger Fields

Ques: Can you tell me, how i can increase the size of the field, showing in the screenshot?

Ans: Find $this->params->def('width', 100) in com_joomd/views/item/tmpl/default.php at line 139 and replace 100 with any pixels you want.

Subject: Changing the layout of the item list

Ques: Having some problems with the layout of the item list. Text is displayed disorganised (see attached pic 1). Want to be able to have a simple list instead two columns. If that is possible? Also to remove the "more info" button, and to change how information is displayed (see pic 2) once you select one item.

Ans: The CSS of the layout is adjusted with an image mandatory. If you'll use image then it would display just fine. If you don't want image then you can modify the CSS accordingly in com_joomd/templates/classic/css/style.css. Or Simply create a new type, it'll then display the list in a single column.

Subject: Select list multiple choice field in search module with jquery effect

Ques: Can I use jquery effect like in administrator panel (select list multiple choice) in JoomD search module? How to do it?

Ans: Find modules/mod_joomd_search/tmpl/default.php and add the below code at line 15:

$jd( "form[name='searchform'] select:not(#catid)" ).multiselect({selectedList: 1});});

And let us know if it works for you.

Subject: Problem with images not rotating

Ques: images are static and block text Please advise

Ans: It seems to be a javascript conflict on your site. Please check it out and let us know about the same as It is working fine on our demo (tested on most of the browsers).

Subject: Creating fill in forms with own fields

Ques: This is the second time that I have registered to your forum, in two days time. I do not know why my registration disappeared, but I will try it just once more. By dissolving my registration on this forum, my entry vanished as well.The problem I brought up was this. I created a new type in JoomD in order to have it filled with categories. That I could do. Now I created fields in order to fill the categories with items, and created an menu item in the main menu, in order to make the fill in form accessible. But I keep getting the standard form with one or two fields in it back, instead of my created form with my fields.How can this be solved ? What do I do to see my created fields in a fill in form that is to accessed from a menu?

Ans: We'll look into it why did your disappear. And to display the created fields in form you need to select category. As fields are category dependent once you select category(s), all the fields in those categories will load automatically.

Subject: Website URL link text

Ques: I am trying to create a links directory with JoomD, but I cant seem to set the link text using the website URL field type. I need to be able to display a name instead of the website address when displaying a URL - is this possible?

Ans: Go to libraries/classes/fields.php at line 1290, Find

return ''.$value.'';

and replace it with

return 'name you want';

if you want field title then replace it with

return ''.$field->name.'';

Subject: Design in Listing

Ques: On every Template the list never looks different, unfortunately, useful. Can one do the design in such a way which stands the list always in the same positions all the same with which Template?

Ans: You can either have same design for each type or have different designs for different types. You have fields' classes at your disposal. and then you have JoomD templates as well. There's so much for you to play with and come up with unique designs for your contents.

Subject: 2 Questions

Ques: JoomD is a great component, I miss only 2 things...

1) Can one make an entry also liable to pay costs?

2) Either I do not find it or it not there ... like do I put, how long an announcement runs?

I miss even more, but this would be the most important things.

Ans: 1. Subscription plugin for JoomD is being developed. You can install it in your existing JoomD once available.

2. Start publishing and Finish publishing dates are there when you add/edit any item. If It's not there Go to Type manager Edit the same directory type and in Configuration options set Publishing Options to either Both or Back end.

Subject: Help! - intermittent "No result found." what's going on?

Ques: My list view keeps showing "no result found."

If I close my browser and relaunch - the list of 20 items comes back - but if I choose one of the alphabetical letters to sort - they disappear again.

All my Joomla caching is turned off.

Ans: If you want all the listing back after clicking on any letter just click on all button.

Subject: Module Error - New Install

Ques: Hi, just found JoomD a little while ago.. I installed and activated all pages..

Joomla 2.5.6 version

Get this error when clicking on it Categories etc...Module Manager

Table 'kbarnes1_uvsj173.w6hn2_joomd_types' doesn't exist SQL=select id, name from w6hn2_joomd_types where published = 1 order by id asc

Also, how do I add things? Is there a tutorial?

Ans:Let us know if, after installing JoomD component, you still having any issues. More than happy to help :)

Subject: Duplicate Entry & Choose WYSIWYG editor

Ques: Thank you for your great work on this component. I am experimenting with it at the moment and would could see potential to use this on many different platforms. I would like to have a way of duplicating records, like modules can be duplicated in Joomla, I'm not sure if this is easy to do, or not but it would enhance the component for my personal use :)

2nd to that I would love to be able to select the WYSIWYG editor you use in the component. I'd like to have that set up to use JCE Editor. I don't know if that's an easy change either, so was wondering if you could let me know how this would be done.

Ans: Thanks for your interest to help us in the development of JoomD.

1 a). Please check the file com_joomd/libraries/html/toolbar.php, com_joomd/libraries/html/button/joomdtoolbar.php in front end for creating the toolbar buttons.

b). and find function store() in com_joomd/models/item.php in back end to write the code for copying the items.

2. Please check the function getEditor() in com_joomd/libraries/joomdui.php in front end.

Hope it'll help you in achieving what you want. Please get back to us if you find anything confusing.

Subject: how to create a system date stamp type ?

Ques: Hi , I like to know how to create a system date stamp to show the entry created on which date. How to do it?

Ans: This feature is there in the latest JoomD v2.2.2 version along with the ability to enable/disable it. Please upgrade.

Subject: Display directories in alphabetical order?

Ques: Hi, I am struggling to work out how to display my directories in alphabetical order to the end user! I can do it in the back end but it doesn't mirror this in the front end.

Ans: the latest JoomD 2.0 version has got the alphabetical list layout. So you can now display your entries with alphabetical tab on the top.

Subject: rtl support

Ques: any way for RTL support? and on other thing, how can i have the information in 2 language, when in english they show the English entry and when in Hebrew they show hebrew text considering that hebrew needs RTL support. the RTL support is a most for me, any way i can achieve this? in the front end the RTL is needed, back end can be ignored.

Ans: RTL support is there in the latest JoomD 2.2.2 version. Along with that, the multi-language feature is there since JoomD 2.0. Upgrade your JoomD version please.

Subject: Remove "more info" button from front end of the website?

Ques: Can anyone tell me how to get rid of this more info button from front end of my web site.How do I achieve that?

Ans: Go to the corresponding type in back end and go to list layout options and find Show Add Button. Set this to no. That's it.

Subject: How to remove social sharing buttons from front end of websites?

Ques: We can see the social sharing buttons at the front end of the website.

I want to remove those buttons. How do I achieve that? Please give me point wise explanation for this.

Ans: Please go to JoomD and Click on Configurations. In the Genera Config tab, you have the option to enable/disable these buttons from the frontend layout.

Subject: Is it possible to get the plugins/modules from 1.5?

Ques: Just wondering if there is a way to get those plugins as well as the modules for version 2.1 (joomla 1.5)

Ans: Please make sure you are using JoomD category module v 1.0. As the new version is for Joomla 2.5 only.

Subject: Module messing with template's css?

Ques: Hello - I have the JoomD module loaded on our site and displaying our clubs and organizations list on the front end. It seems somehow the module is messing with the CSS of our fusion menubar in our gantry template. Have you ever heard of this happening before? It knocks the last option off the site menu bar (only on that page) because it makes the font slightly bigger than the other pages. I looked at the css files for both the module and for the template, but I can't find anything overlapping that might cause this. Any insight you might have that could fix my problem would be greatly appreciated!

Ans: Find #joomdpanel, body, td, th in com_joomd/assets/css/demos.css and replace font-family property from there. You are using older version of JoomD. It's already corrected in the latest version JoomD 2.2.2. You need to upgrade it to the latest version to receive automatic updates. ( If you update to this version you'll loose all the existing data ).

Subject: Menu Creation using JoomD

Ques: i want to make a Top Menu in joomla 2.5 using JoomD, is it possible?

Ans: To create a top menu, you need to go to Menu Manager > Top Menu and Click on New. Then select the JoomD layout you want to display for that menu item and Save it.

Subject: Error in New Type

Ques: I know very little component and I have been updating it since version 1.2.3 Today when you upgrade to the newest version 2.2.2 appeared to me several errors. Next desistale old and went back the component to install the new version.Now I have a problem again When I try to creat a new entry I make mistake and does not create the entry.

parsererror And when I click a one typo displays the following error Warning: mysqli_num_rows() expects parameter 1 to be mysqli_result, boolean given in /home/futbolre/public_html/libraries/joomla/database/database/mysqli.php on line 263

Download the demo version to evaluate neck but I could make it work and I'm afraid to buy the paid version if d does not work on my site.

Ans: A little about how to use JoomD 2.2

Joomd 2.2 has got Type manager it allows you to create multiple directory type.

1. You create two directories first is Car listing and second is Blog Listing.

2. Now you'll see two links in the submenu bar as "Car listing" and "Blog Listing"

3. You can go to these links and start creating Items in these types.

But before creating the items in these Directory types you need to create categories and fields for these.

1. Go to category manager create categories and select types in these categories in which you want to include these categories.

2. Go to Field Manager and create fields and select types and categories in which you want to include these fields.

That's it you can now create menus for category list layout, Item list layout, Item detail layout, Item search layout, Item cpanel layout and Item add layout for different types.

Subject: JoomD breadcrumbs

Ques: Hi did breadcrumbs works with joomd categorie or we have to do back button each time we want to returne to the categorie page

Ans: JoomD adds a category item in breadcrumb if available.

Subject: Problem with search box

Ques: I want to add page (under construction) search box, but it fails, it does not work .

I gave the Select List, and works like a charm, but not the select box.

Let me add that I added it as a textfield, because there is no option to search box.

What can I do to this box acts as a search box?

Ans: If you want a single search box to search in all or some specific fields then You can use Joomla's default search box, it'll allow you to search in JoomD if you've installed JoomD's Search Plugin on your site.

Subject: "Add Button" does not show up

Ques: I am using JoomD 2.2.2 and have enabled the 'Show Add Button' in the backend in List layout and Detail layout but still cannot see the Add Button in the froentend.

Ans: Add button will appear only if item addition is set to public or the user belongs to the one of the authorized user groups to add the items. You can check the authorized user groups in type manager. Click edit button to view the same type you are having problem. And look into the ACL Options.

Subject: Can't find nor use sh404sef plugin

Ques: I'm trying the sh404sef + JoomD combo on a test Joomla! 2.5 site, but I can't seem to find the plugin you talk about on the extension page. I installed JoomD first, then sh404sef, then reinstalled JoomD, uninstalled it and installed it again. Anyways, options for JoomD never appeared in sh404sef. I looked for that plugin anywhere on this site, in the package I downloaded and on the web, but I can't seem to find a solution. Could you please help me on this matter?

Ans: Sh404sef plugin was there in JoomD 1.2. Now JoomD 2.2 has got default joomla sef url support, sh404sef plugin isn't created for JoomD 2.2.

Subject: Cannot add a listing properly!

Ques: I think this app is excellent! However I have one main issue, I can create a directory such as business dir, then I can create a type such as Gardener but I cannot seen to populate the gardeners field. All i get is alias, category, featured, published etc but not the fields I have created such as website, address, telephone etc.

Ans: Directory you are talking about "business dir" are created using type manager. Then you need to create categories in this directory type, then go to field manager create fields for "business dir" and select categories.

Now you are ready to add items into this directory. To load the fields created in this directory type, you need to select categories first.

Subject: problem with select list

Ques: i have problem with y-scroll in select list in configuration tab , how can i move radio button to right and disable overflow scrolling . by the way i translated component and all modules and plug-ins , if you like i can share to you .

another question , is there any documentation for JoomD ? when i create Items/Category or Type , everything is OK but i got message ( you don't create any item )

Ans: It's some css conflict. You can find the css in administrator/components/com_joomd/assets/css/style.css and in front end com_joomd/assets/css/joomd.css. Sharing those translation files would be a great favor. You can send those files at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Can you give us some more information about the error ( any screenshot or how did you get this message).

Subject: Change the owner of a listing

Ques: Is it possible to change the owner of a listing?

For example: As the Administrator I have to setup the listings for new customers who are not IT confident. Once I have setup the listing I need to be able to change the 'owner' from Administrator over to the user so that the listing appears under their own login for updating details and so that the 'contact owner' option goes directly to them.

Ans: Yes It's possible. When you go to edit an item at the right panel there are sliders one of them is Publishing Options ( If it isn't there go to the type manger and edit the same type and set publishing option to either both or back end ).

Subject: i got an sql error while installing 2.2.1

Ques: i get an sql error while installing this one, i have uninstalled it and installed it again and it was fixed, i get bunch of errors while uninstalling it though..

the problem is, how can i have an item in 2 different language? i saw that you can assign a language to each item you make, but how to set it in joom that they are the same item in different language? so when someone post in one of them it appears in both languages.. i have the same problem with categories too. could you guys give us a hint in this one? thanks for the release , and keep up the good work ..

Ans: You can either assign an item to one language or all languages, you can not assign it to multiple specific languages. However in the next version of JoomD we are going to include "copy an item" button, it will allow you to copy a particular item then you can change the language of that particular item.

Subject: My image field is not showing

Ques: I am sure I am doing something wrong but I am not sure what! I have read the documentation but this is limited.

I have already setup a site for my client but they have now asked me to add images. I have added the new field but it is not showing up on the detail view of the entry. I have made sure in the configuration "Include in Entry Detail View:" is set to yes but still no luck. It is also published etc.

Ans: Fields are type and category dependent means a particular field will be displayed only in that type and category for which it is created. So kindly check the type and category of the field and also check access level of that field it should be public to display for non logged in users.

Subject: about country and city list

Ques: hey guys, is there a way when users choosing their country from a drop down list , another drop down for cities show the names related to that country automatically so user could scroll and chose their city also?

Ans: You can display the drop down of countries and cities independently using the select list field type, but the feature to display the cities related to a particular country isn't available right now, but we are planning to include this in future release after JoomD 2.2.

Subject: Publishing Directory?

Ques: My friend and I are starting a small publishing company and although I'm familiar with Joomla I'm not sure if this component can be customised to do what we need.

I think we'll have Genre/Author/Title

Any idea how I can represent this in the control panel - sorry I'm a bit of noob but can follow instructions well enough.

Ans: You can take categories as genre, and can create as many genre as you want using category manager in Back end.

You need to rename category to genre in the Language files in back end (administrator/languages/en.GB.com_joomd.sys.ini, administrator/languages/en.GB.com_joomd.ini) and in front end (languages/en.GB.com_joomd.ini).

Author will be the one who created the entry and it'll be displayed in entry detail layout.

You can create Title field using the Field manager. It's created by default. You need to delete all the other fields which are not required. If you need more fields you can create these using Field Manager.