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JoomD Extension

JoomD is the Feature-packed, Simple and Flexible Directory solution, Content builder and Content Construction Kit for your website. Use it to build a Blog using its Entry and Custom Fields Manager, or a Directory Listings with Newsletters, or a Business Directory with multiple categories and Google Maps with directions, or a full-featured Articles Listing website. You can build, virtually, any type of Content Listing with JoomD.

JoomD Features and Functionality
  • The Control Panel
  • Plugin Manager
  • Items Manager
  • Field Manager
  • Category Manager
  • Type Manager
  • Configuration
  • Report Item
  • Youtube Videos
  • Image Slideshow
  • Social Sharing buttons
  • Automatic Updates
  • Multi-lingual Support
  • Statistics Charts
  • Include in Search Form
  • Add Captcha
  • Share Item
  • User registration
  • Display Title/Icon
  • Subscribe Newsletters
  • CSS Class in a custom field
  • Social Bookmarking buttons
  • Separate Configurations
  • SEO and SEF URLs
  • Google Maps
  • Access Level
  • Contact Owner
  • Print Item
  • Save Item
  • Access Control
  • Required field
  • Display List View/Detail View
  • Select Category in custom Field
JoomD Applications
  • JoomD Import/Export App
  • JoomD Subscription App
  • JoomD Newsletter App
  • JoomD Rate & Review App
JoomD Modules
  • JoomD Category Module
  • JoomD Search Module
  • JoomD Items Module
  • JoomD Entries Scroller Module
  • JoomD Entries Slideshow Module
  • JoomD Blog Module
  • JoomD My Entries/Items Module
  • JoomD Saved Entries/Items Module
  • JoomD Newsletter Module
  • JoomD Google Map Module
JoomD Plugins
  • JoomD Search Plugin
  • JoomD Content Plugin
Compatible withJoomla 1.5Joomla 2.5

Coupon Manager Extension - Component and Modules

Whether you're a Small business owner or a large business with franchisees all around. Here's the complete Coupon solution to meet your online and mobile coupons needs. Start selling today! To the millions out there. From the comfort of your couch!

Features and Functionality:
  • The Control panel
  • Coupons Manager
  • Store Manager
  • Category Manager
  • Coupons Manager
  • User Manager
  • Field Manager
  • Order Manager
  • Subscription Manager
  • Configuration
  • alphabetical sorting
  • Social Buttons for Viral Promotions
  • RSS Feed
  • Affiliate Type Coupon
  • Voucher Type Coupon
  • Printable Type Coupon
  • Deal Type Coupon
  • Coupon Tracker
  • Like buttons
  • Coupons Ratings
  • Email Coupon
  • Offline payment
  • QR Code Generation
  • Frontend Control Panel for Store Owner
  • Activity Log
  • SEO
  • Print limit
  • Share button
  • Visual Charts
  • Store Owner badge
  • Category-wise Listing
  • Coupons Map
  • Coupons Timer
  • Assign Package
  • Print layout control
  • My Printer and Add to Printer button
  • Most Printed Coupons Module
  • Top Stores Module
  • Coupons Search Module
  • Featured Store Module
  • Latest Coupons Module
  • Most Liked Coupons Module
  • Coupon By Category Module
  • Coupon of the day Module
  • Featured Coupons Module
  • Most Rated Coupons Module
  • Featured Category Module
  • Coupons and Stores map Module
  • Content Plugin for Coupon Manager
Compatible withJoomla 2.5

Obituary Manager Extension - Component and Modules

Are you the owner of a Funeral Centre, run a Church website, a county's webmaster, a newspaper's webmaster or planning to build a Tributes portal and are looking for a product to manage obituaries, graves, funeral centres, condolences etc? Here is the Complete Obituary and Tributes solution. Check it out.

Features and Functionality
  • The Control Panel
  • Field Manager
  • User Manager
  • Obituary Manager
  • Condolences Manager
  • Configuration Manager
  • Funeral Home Manager
  • Subscription Manager
  • Print Obituary
  • View Obituary
  • Visitors
  • Bookmark
  • Audio/Video
  • Twitter feed
  • Youtube integration
  • Comment Notifications
  • Subscribe
  • Captions
  • Image Slider
  • Share a gift
  • Like/Share
  • Improved Captcha
  • Approve Condolences
  • Submit Condolences
  • Obituary Listing Module
  • Obituary Condolences Module
  • Obituary Search Module
  • Obituary Slider module
  • Obituary Alphabet Search Module
  • Obituary Map module

Compatible withJoomla 2.5

Recipes Manager Extension

Build your own High-end Recipes website with ratings and reviews, Youtube videos, Print One or All Recipes functionality, Share buttons, Facebook Like and Twitter buttons,Search Engine Friendly URLs, Save Recipes. All this comes with a backend to manage every aspect of your recipes and your users' activities.

Features and Functionality
  • The Control Panel
  • Import/export Manager
  • Recipe Manager
  • Category Manager
  • Rate Manager
  • Review Manager
  • Configuration
  • Like buttons
  • Print & Add to Printer button
  • Ingredient Add to Printer
  • Google plus button
  • Saved recipe listing page
  • Share Recipe
  • Report Recipe
  • Recipe Tags
  • Times Printed
  • Facebook Share
  • Front-end Cpanel
  • Rating and Reviews
  • Social Buttons for Promotions
  • Ingredient Cart
  • Ingredient print option
  • Cart View
  • List By Tags
  • Featured Strip
  • List By Category
  • Default Comment List
  • Featured Recipe List
  • Facebook Comment List
  • Alphabetical Search/Filter
Recipes Modules
  • Latest Recipes Module
  • Featured Recipes Module
  • Latest Recipes Images Module
  • Featured Recipes Images Module
  • Featured Category Module
  • Top Category Module
  • Category Listing Module
  • My Recipe Module
  • My Saved Recipes
  • Top Rated Recipe Module
  • Most Rated Recipe
  • Most Liked Recipe Module
  • Most Hits Recipe Module
  • Most Reviewed Recipe
  • Find Recipe Module
  • Most Reviewed Recipe
  • Most Printed Recipe
  • Featured User's recipes
  • Today's Recipe Module
Recipes Component-Frontend
  • Recipe detail page
  • Add your Youtube video by simply inserting the youtube link into the given field from the backend
  • Button to "Save" the recipe
  • Other descriptions
  • Fields for Preparation time, Cook time and Ready In
  • Descriptions for Ingredients for US and Metric
  • Calculator option in the frontend for conversion from US to Metric

Recipes Component-Backend
  • Manage all the recipes
  • Delete Recipes
  • Manage Reviews
  • Add Recipes
  • Add images
  • Approve/Disapprove reviews
  • Update Recipes
  • Add videos
  • Add categories and sub-categories
What user can do from the frontend
  • My Recipes - list of all the recipes you have Saved and Submitted
  • Add your recipes
  • Update your recipes
  • Delete your recipes
  • My Saved Recipes module
Reviews and Rating systems
  • User reviews
  • Overall average of all reviews and ratings for a given recipe
  • Ajax rating system
Ajax Search

  • Simply enter the keywords and it will instantly return the recipes.

Compatible withJoomla 2.5

Doctors/Hospitals Manager

Are you a county's webmaster, a newspaper's webmaster or planning to build a Doctors listing portal and are looking for a product to manage doctors, hospitals, doctors' appointments, questions and answers, ratings and reviews etc? Here is the Complete Doctors and Hospitals Listing solution. Check it out.

Features and Functionality:
  • The Control panel
  • Hospital Manager
  • Doctor Manager
  • Field Manager
  • User Manager
  • Subscription Manager
  • Configuration Manager
  • Youtube integration
  • Bookmark
  • Audio/Video
  • Rate and Review
  • Print Doctor
  • View/Hospital
  • Doctor Appointment
  • View Details
  • Share a gift
  • Questions & Answers
  • Twitter feed
  • Like/Share
  • Visitors
  • Captcha Security
  • Most visited Hospitals Module
  • Highest Rating doctors Module
  • Hospitals Map Module Module
  • Most visited doctors Module
  • Latest Questions Module
  • Most active doctors Module
  • Doctors Map Module Module
Compatible withJoomla 2.5