Joomla6Teen Affiliate Program

Joomla6Teen Affiliate Program is one of the highest-paying affiliate programs in the world.

Joomla6Teen is the developer of Coupon Manager, JoomD Content Builder, Recipes Manager and other widely-known products. All of these are available for various CMSs and Mobile platforms viz. Joomla and Android. As much as people love our products, they keep coming back to us to purchase more and more licenses.

Our affiliate program lets you make money by putting our banners on your website, blog etc. How much money could you make? 33% of each sale! As a simple Math, if people purchase 10 copies of our products worth 1500 US Dollars, by clicking on the banner on your website, you get 495 USD as commission.

You get paid as soon as the total commission reaches 100 USD in your account. There's no time limit on when do you achieve that. Go with your own pace. It's all upto you about how much money you can make. The more promotions and strategic banner placements you do, the more moolah you will be raking in!

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