Political Analysis, Interaction & Knowledge Tool for Smartphones

Reach to your voters using the power of smartphone and social media. The Electionoid app covers almost all aspects of an Election including Real-Time Opinion Polls, Candidates' Extended Profiles with Live updates, Individual Ratings and National Ratings of each Candidate and Endorsements for candidates from their prospective voters. Each candidate has his own page with up-to-the-minute updates from his social networks.

Political Analysis & Knowledge App - Features Explained
  • Login/Sign up with Google/Facebook and Create your profile. That profile will be used when you cast votes in opinion polls, create opinion polls, create your voices or like others' voices, or Endorse a candidate.
  • Login with Facebook to enable users to send invites to his friends on Facebook. Facebook friends can also share the opinion polls they created and let each other Vote on them.
  • Display activities on Facebook like Who created Opinion poll, Who casted what vote on an opinion poll, who rated what to a candidate and parties, Who endorsed whom, Who Voiced their opinion and what etc.
  • My Endorsements. Endorse button to promote a candidate.
  • Photos. Upload and Download from Facebook pages. Users there can report photos and flag them.
  • New tabs for Candidates for user-viewing viz. Declared Financial Assets, Achievements, Education, Criminal Cases, Contact Details, Press release, Awards, Organizations associated with, Party affiliation, Issues raised with search filters.
  • Find my Polling station.
  • Voter Registration & Ability for Voters to Check Voter ID status.
  • Report a violation or any illegal act by a Candidate.
  • The Backend to manage every aspect of the Political Mobility App
  • Manage voters and their details and contents.
  • Manage Endorsements and Reviews from voters.
  • Create opinion polls & Manage opinions from voters.
  • Manage social feeds for candidates. Manage Popular newsfeeds for each candidate.
  • Ability to post to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn all at once from the backend!
  • Detailed Analytics as Reports and Visual Charts of voters' inclination, their locations, their age group, topics popular among voters (Based on opinion counts in opinion polls), Peoples' likes and dislikes (Based on Opinion polls' choices).

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