about Landshark Labs (Previously Joomla6Teen)

Landshark Labs (Previously Joomla6Teen) actually began as a group of 6 Coders. We observed that there's no company which is singularly focussed on integrating web with mobile. So we took this oppurtunity and here you are.

We had this plan in mind to build a niche in whatever we do (long before we read The Long Tail!). Considering Android's status as the big daddy of all mobile platforms and still maintaining a niche, and most of all using PHP and JAVA as the platform, we discussed it with our colleagues that if we can make something out of it. All nodded in positive. Preparation started. Guys got the documentations and started practicing with Android's framework.

The idea has always been to build a consistent revenue model instead of engaging ourselves in custom development. This is like a loop. You go nowhere. You remain in the loop. Project >> Money >> Project. We focus on building products which can cater to the masses or to a particular niche. Our sole idea towards creating a product: It must solve a genuine problem, has innovation in its core and must be sustainable in the long run.

We make sure we follow Agile development practices. Quality Analysis is a stringent part of every project we do and always try not to leave anything to chance.

Joomla6Teen is now merged with Landshark Labs.