How a small publishing company is planning to use JoomD?

Ques: My friend and I are starting a small publishing company and although I’m familiar with Joomla I’m not sure if this component can be customised to do what we need.

I think we’ll have Genre/Author/Title

Any idea how I can represent this in the control panel – sorry I’m a bit of noob but can follow instructions well enough.

Ans: You can take categories as genre, and can create as many genre as you want using category manager in Back end.

You need to rename category to genre in the Language files in back end (administrator/languages/en.GB.com_joomd.sys.ini, administrator/languages/en.GB.com_joomd.ini) and in front end (languages/en.GB.com_joomd.ini).

Author will be the one who created the entry and it’ll be displayed in entry detail layout.

You can create Title field using the Field manager. It’s created by default. You need to delete all the other fields which are not required. If you need more fields you can create these using Field Manager.

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