Restaurant Promotions that have Driven Sales

While most bakeries are using Groupon to sell their goods, an action we at Aaron Allen & Associates do not advise, Butter Lane Bakery offered customers an experience to share a baking class with family and friends in a professional kitchen as a restaurant promotion.


  • 9,000 seats sold, 3,000% of their goal
  • Profits allowed Butter Lane to expand their storefront and hire instructors


See More Sales: Papa Murphy’s Uses SMS to Reach Customers

In order to reach their customers in unique and effective ways, Papa Murphy’s partnered with Phizzle to start a text-message based restaurant promotion. Three or four times a month, an SMS blast is sent out to participating customers with a coupon for free items.


  • 18% coupon redemption rate
  • 100,000+ opted-in users


‘Oh, Yes We Did’: Domino’s Overhauls Its Brand

With sales stagnating and stores closing due to customer dissatisfaction, Domino’s needed to turn their brand around. They re-invented their menu with new recipes and retrained every pizza maker then got the word out to customers through commercials and a rented billboard in Times Square where customer reviews were presented – good or bad.


  • Record-breaking 14.3% increase in same-store sales
  • Revenue increase of 14.5%
  • Quarterly Profit up 55.7%


Culinary Crowdsourcing: McDonald’s Menu hits the Masses

To celebrate their 40th anniversary, McDonald’s asked their German customers to design a celebratory burger. A web application was created where users could build a completely customized burger, post their creation to a gallery, and vote on their favorites. Thus, the Pretzelnator was born, but not without plenty of competition.


  • 116,000 entries
  • 7 million page impressions
  • 1.5 million votes
  • Reached 25% of the entire Germany population through social media/news media buzz


VIP Treatment: Domino’s Rewards Loyal Customers

The first of its kind to team up with Foursquare, Domino’s led the geo-targeting race of restaurateurs by offering a free pizza to the “Mayor” in Liverpool each week. The success of this campaign caused Domino’s to roll this restaurant promotion out to the rest of Britain.


  • Reached 200,000 Foursquare users in Britain
  • 2,764 Facebook posts and 3,714 tweets about the campaign.
  • 9,617 check-ins with 3,000 unique visitors

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