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PrendsUnRisque: Canadian Deals Site offering Adrenaline Activities

Over the past few months, we have been working on a Deals site for a client, using Affinity’s Branded Savings Website and Nearby Deals App. Apart from what we offer in the off-the-shelf solution, the client came in with his own customization requests. It was fun to work on this project and we look forward to release the beta version soon. is a Canadian Deals site offering adrenaline and thrill activities to its customers.

Designed as a one-stop, is a directory that contains several activities to discover different levels of risk for different audiences. Light. Moderate. Extreme. You’ll be able to find the ideal activity for you.

User features:

-Creation of a user account
-User must be able to see previous purchases
-User must be able to leave his opinion
-Social login (Facebook)
-Ability to send custom content publicity to our clients according to their purchases (Optional / phase2)
-User must be able to share the activities and invite friends

Transactional features:

-Unique serial numbers for each vouchers, Sent to email of client and each voucher should have its own page so clients can print the vouchers individually and give it as gift or to their friends.
-Invoice sent to clients
-Notification sent to merchant letting them know that someone purchased their activity.
-Back end for merchants to validate vouchers and see if it was previously used.
-Reports for each merchants so that we can proceed with refund.
-Secure payment platform for payment. (Paypal)
-Possibility for clients to reserve their time slots online (optional)


-Mobile responsive version that adapts to different screen size and resolution.

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