Loyalty Manager enables offering automated rewards to customers

Loyalty Program Manager enables small businesses to offer rewards to their customers without the unnecessary stress of managing customers data, their activities and loyalty points. The Loyalty Program Manager manages all of it on its own and rewards points to your customers when it is due.

Loyalty Program Manager automatically add points to customers’ accounts and notify them. Here’re some activities for which you can set automated rewards:

  • Rewards for Users With Upcoming Birthdays with option to set Reward points
  • Rewards for Frequent customers based on Number of Times the customer Purchased with option to set Reward points
  • Rewards for Purchase of Particular Product. Admin can select Product for which this automated reward should work and can set Reward points
  • Rewards for Users Who Haven’t Purchased for a long Time. Admin can send rewards to all users who are Inactive Since the selected Date. Admin has the option to set Reward points
  • Rewards for Inactive Users to bring them back to your store / ecommerce site. Admin can set Reward points

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