PSD to Joomla

Steps to Convert a PSD to Joomla Template

Here’s the Step-by-Step instructions on how to Convert a PSD into a Joomla Template:

Any PSD file can be converted into a Joomla Template by following these three easy steps. Simply go through the following illustrated steps for the PSD to Joomla conversion :

1. Slicing the PSD:

First, you must slice the PSD file into multiple layers viz. header, footer, content or navigation part. Slicing should be done with a keen eye because it creates the base for your website. You should also work on the parts which you don’t want to duplicate using the CSS such as the images, logo and the buttons. So slice out all your images and save them in a separate folder called images.

2. Conversion and Styling:

    • HTML Conversion : Now next thing in conversion is the coding of  image files in a proper semantic form. It should be kept in mind that your conversion is well structured with a table-less Search Engine friendly semantics.
    • CSS Styling : In another step you have to start developing your Cascading Style Sheet popularly called as CSS. While designing a CSS, you should check whether it is meeting all the requirements of website.
    • JavaScript : In this part of conversion implement all your JavaScript into the website. Make your website more attractive and add dynamic interaction with the use of proper JavaScript.

3.  Joomla Integration:

Once you are done with the conversion of PSD to HTML with CSS, the Joomla  integration and modules setup and customization come into picture. Alright. So, now, create a relevant folder and directories required for your website. Create a Template_thumbnail.png for displaying  template image in admin panel and a template_details.xml which will be serving as the  main file that Joomla reads to install a template.

Finally make a zip file of the complete folder and install it using the Extension Manager in your Joomla Content Management System.

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