Universitas360 College App for Administration, Students and Teaching Faculty

Universitas360 College App for Administration, Students and Teaching Faculty

My recent discussions  with  students from various colleges and courses was indeed a fruitful one. It brought out a number of  concerns which we wouldn’t have thought of  had there been no interaction at all. When our technical team designed Universitas360, we had some rigorous brainstorming sessions to bring out all the concerns we faced when we were in college. Our initial sessions were indeed crazy with a never ending list. The list was so huge and exhaustive that a very apt question was raised by the non-technical guy(Obviously me!)…. Will we be needing like two apps to accommodate all this or what? And to my embarrassment the colleagues burst out with laughter!

Coming back to the discussions I had with the students. Well! the list of issues just doesn’t end with the chaotic websites and the time constraint factor, students today require apps that enables them to take notes in the class at a go, helps them create schedules as to how to go about the preparation for the external exams and what not! Hence Universitas360 wont be  like any other conventional university apps drawn out of the idea of an efficient mobile application over mobile websites. It also needs to take care of features and deliverables when it comes to competing with apps like evernote , dragon etc.

In my previous article I mentioned about the tutorial sections wherein the students would learn about the making of an app and other recent inventions. But think about another feature that assists you in creating a stimulation of a certain project given to you during your summer break or for internals. The feature can be customized by you according to your project needs to come up with desired results. It would indeed be an icing on the cake.

The best thing about Universitas360 is that it is indeed that one solution for all your needs. I don’t need to download multiple apps any longer, it would rather be more convenient for me to have just a “single” icon on my phone that helps me solve all riddles when it comes to the academic front!

The ideas and the features are still in that raw stage of further development and my continued discussions with the students and faculty members would definitely help in shaping up of the best apps this country has ever had in the educational forumn!

Hail Universitas360! 🙂

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