21st century's most wonderful invention: Smartphone apps!

21st century’s most wonderful invention: Smartphone apps!

Clearing my shelf to  make way for the new course books resulted in an unwanted encounter with the old boring history book which I always detested. The book would always talk about the empires, dynasties and hence proved to be a perfect prescription for someone who wanted to take a nap very badly. Being an active debater and a strong advocate of rationality in our lives, the only apt lesson according to me in that book was – THE STONE AGE. It was something that  brought out  the creative side of me (to a certain extent of course) but if a history book helps enlighten within you that creative side then it is indeed a big achievement!

Now why did I start talking about stone age suddenly when everyone is just going crazy about some high techie stuff? Sometimes the transformations in our societies are so rapid that we tend to forget there origin. Where they came from? Why did they disappear? Where did they disappear? Sometimes you think a lot and yet these questions  remain unanswered (I never realised when android came into the market until I was fed up with the green robot in the newspapers and google ads and finally searched for it online).

Its a human tendency to ignore things that don’t cater to there needs. We go out-research,compare and analyse when a certain thing becomes a necessity or when everyone has it in our group but us. It was only when the early man witnessed a round rolling object down the hill which resulted in the discovery of wheel and helped him travel faster. Almost similar circumstances followed for various other inventions like fire, bulb, telephone etc.

It wont be wrong to refer the  21st century as an “App age” wherein the time constraints  and numerous tasks have made our lives no less than a machine that needs a shortcut and a faster efficient way to accomplish each and every task. Hence an application on your portable devices with all customised and ready to use features is the utmost necessity as compared to the websites where you waste atleast a minute ( 60 Seconds!!) for every other page to open.

No wonder E-commerce venture witnessed a huge jump in its sales after the launch of its Mobile application and the same goes for telecom operators like Airtel and Vodafone where you no more have to go out to the nearby departmental store in this scorching heat and can get your phone recharged.

There exists more than thousands of apps but unfortunately its not only the “Time constraint” that we need to battle out but the “Memory constraint” on our devices as well… so its time to boost up that memory space and make life a little uncomplicated with these handy applications.

This is just a first of the “Happy Realisation” series for all my readers who still haven’t been updated to the most recent version launched- “The App Age”.

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