A non-techie's first day at a tech startup!

A non-techie’s first day at a tech startup!

Summer vacations have always been one of those periods for me where the creativity levels and the out of box thinking stuff just takes a huge jump. Economics and and programming languages seem to be poles apart but thanks to the technology driven society today that one cannot really ignore the importance of it. Hence understanding a bit of technicalities and some very basic fundas has indeed become the need of the hour.

My first day in office was no less than a long  torturous one  with me being the only non- coder amongst some highly skilled and learned coders. There computer screens resembled more or less like mine and the only difference I could notice was the unusal texts they would type ranging from some () ,“”, :, alias <head> and the list was huge! The person sitting right next to me would know what I am upto but to me the only similar feature on his computer screen were the those three small options of minimise,close and maximise.YES! I am that illiterate  when it comes to building apps and websites.

This left me with some deep introspection with a million questions in my mind if I am at the right place? And if this is what I am meant to draw up marketing strategies for?   During the drive back home I recalled a famous saying- “Don’t wish it were easier, wish you were better” and hence I commenced my research for  what constitutes in making of an app or a website and a lot of other stuff. Codeacademy turned out to be one of those saviours for me in getting well acquainted with various coding languages and atleast get some basic concepts in my head.

Hence I started my journey with joomla,php,html (No they aren’t really bad) and here I am telling my friends about applications, android and ios within 3 days.Oh yeah!

Applications are indeed the need of the hour considering the time constraints that we all face today and now having experienced the backhand hard work I realise what it takes to build up that tiny winy app of even 1 Mb . A realisation- We need to be well versed with the changing trends  and reap their benefits to make life easier and simpler. Thanks to the Yaum Birthday Anniversary App that I can always wish my friends on time and avoid fights for not wishing.

Well!This is just a beginning of a journey with numerous learning curves expected in the coming time soon and I will keep you updated on every new code parameter or word that I learn. <BYE ><BYE>

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