Conference and Abstract Management Tool Features List

Conference and Abstract Management Tool Features List

Conference and Abstract Management Tool’s first stable version v1.0 is scheduled for release in June 2013. Here is a partial list of features of Conference and Abstract Manager which it would have on its first release.

These are just some major features from Conference and Abstract Manager v1.0:

  • Option to charge authors a fee per submission. Using the same Payment Gateway options as being used in Conference Registration. Abstract submission will have the option to disable all or some payment gateways.
  • Authors can check their Abstract’s Status from their control panel. If it is still being reviewed, it would simply say “Your Abstract is under review”.
  • When the reviewing process is completed or the Reviewer has submitted his reviews for an Abstract, authors are automatically informed via e-mail if their submission has been accepted, declined or suggested to be revised and resubmitted.
  • Multiple Abstracts can be assigned to a single Reviewer.
  • Multiple Reviewers can be assigned to a single Abstract i.e. Joint reviews of papers and abstracts can occur by as many reviewers as required. Abstracts Manager automatically compiles the results based on each Reviewer’s remarks.
  • Option to Enable/Disable Reviewers and Advocates Registration from the Frontend.
  • Option to setup the various Customized Messages for automatic emails which are generated in the system: Authors who sign up for an account; Reviewers who are allocated an account by the administrator; New administrator accounts; Reviewers who are assigned documents; Authors whose submissions/documents are accepted; Authors whose submissions/documents are rejected; Create and send bulk emails to conference participants.
  • Option to Upload registration instructions for all authors to read when they access the system.
  • Option to Upload reviewer instructions for all reviewers to read when they are invited to access the system.
  • Option to Limit Number of Abstracts for each Conference.
  • RSS Feed of Submitted Abstracts for general users.
  • Invoice Generation for Successful Payment in Conference Registration. Option to Regenerate Invoice copy from the Order Manager in the backend.
  • Option in the Backend to Generate PDF version of Abstracts Submitted with their details including Authors, Reviewers and Remarks.
  • Option to Limit number of Delegates who can register for each Conference.
  • Import/Export Reviewers, Reviews, Remarks.
  • Import/Export Abstracts, Authors and Abstract Submitters.
  • Coupon Manager to Create Early bird coupons with various discounts and an Expiry Date. Admin can create coupons with different attributes. For example, for those who register early, will get 20% Discounts, Those who are from a certain organization, get 10% Discount and so on. As soon as a Coupon is applied in the Conference registration by the user, it deducts the total amount which user has to pay for Conference Registration.
  • Option to Set a Last Date for Abstract Submission. After that date, Abstract users cant Add or Edit their Abstracts.
  • Field Manager to add unlimited custom fields in Conference Manager and Abstract Manager.
  • Option to Enable/Disable Payment Methods from the backend for Conference Manager. Payment Methods: Paypal Payment Gateway. Offline Payment. There shall be more payment gateways in subsequent releases.
  • Uses ACL to create various User Types. So admin can create whatever User Type he needs and based on each User Type access requirements, he can then set Access for Viewing, Editing, Adding Abstracts, Reviews etc.

As per our roadmap, Along with Coupon Manager and JoomD, we shall be releasing new versions of Conference and Abstract Manager Tool in the coming months. These three tools are our top priorities as of now. There shall be new products but not until we are satisfied enough with the stable releases of these tools.

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