Coupon Manager v2.0.7 release

Here’s the Features list / Bug fixes for Coupon Manager’s next version to be released on October 19th:

Mark as Redeemed
Option to add wire transfer/account details in offline payment
Email coupon
Configurable settings for QR codes
Print layout control
Configurable setting to edit store and coupon without credit
Credit availability check before adding store
Joomla default user syncing
Multiple Deals purchase
Max limit setting for Deals
Assign packages
Print Remaining count
Message added if Guests Restriction enabled for coupons
Ability for store owners to set up their own Paypal accounts
Deal purchase limit
Coupon Email layout.
Related/Similar Coupons suggestion either based on coupon category or store.
Print voucher code while printing vouchers
Added description field for store.

/* Rectification of issues raised via Support Forums/Emails */

RSS feed. Fixed.
New coupon URL. Fixed.
Different layouts for store and normal users. Fixed.
Can’t fin existing users when adding a New store in administration area. Fixed.
The phone number input is dreadful – in the UK out phone number format is one of: +44 1239 820019 Or 01239 820019 Coupon component allows neither. Fixed.
When user sets up the registration  as a menu option it fails – when the new user tries to edit their store, each time they submit they get “store with this name already exists” – and for each submit a new store with same name appears in admin. Fixed.
Store display control. Fixed.
Functionality to change user type from frontend. Fixed.
Language keywords for the right panels – TBF
Language keywords for the bottom panels on Configuration – TBF
Remove babu_ from default Paypal email
Language keywords for the No. of Stores info in Subscription manager – TBF
Language keywords for the Store Remaining in Orders – TBF
Test Newsletter Sending capability and the Tags
Language keywords for the Load more – TBF
Dynamic url in script files
Editor content does not save as HTML. Fixed.
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