Message from the co-founder

My dear fellow Joomla6Teen users


This is the co-founder here. I am writing to start a conversation about one of our products, Coupon Manager and our support. Over the past few weeks, our support has been degraded to a very worrisome level. I personally would have given it 4 out of 10. The product development though remained focussed, we lost it on customer support.


Are we really like that?: Having said the above, we were not really like that. We were one of the best companies out there known for great support. Most of our great reviews in the past are due to our great support and partially for our great products.


Reason we had this support degradation: In the past few weeks, there has been attrition and staffing issues in our company which led to higher workload on existing staffs. They have to juggle between development and customer support. Sometimes leaving some of our customers disappointed. I personally apologize to all those disheartened customers.


Now that the damage is done, Things to do to recover from it: 1. Focus on Customer support and return to the league of companies who do great customer service. 2. Slow down on feature developments and divert the resources to improve on existing features. 3. Be in constant touch with our customers like writing a monthly email to all old and new customers asking about their achievements and if they need help and with some suggestion for further growth using our product as part of our customer connect initiative. 4. Have realistic deadlines and adhere to them. 5. Hire more staffs who would help us distribute workload on existing employees.


About Coupon Manager: This component, to say the least, is way ahead of any existing Coupon Builder and Management solution. Either in Joomla or out of it. Having said that, we do have some issues during the version releases. That’s because of our own unrealistic deadlines which we set to make our customers happy! So, from now on, we will set more possible, realistic deadlines and so we would be able to meet those deadlines and do not make fun of our own.


So, all I need now, is your support. Support from our customers in making us build a company which thrives on its world-class customer service and its awesome products. I have my heartfelt gratitude for all of you, for all your patience and continued association with us.


Irshad Reyaz

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