Coupon Manager v3.0 has been released!

Coupon Manager v3.0 has been released for Joomla 2.5.

Here’s the Changelog for Coupon Manager v3.0

1. Under Subscription and Payment in Configuration backend, Have separate blocks for Paypal and Offline Payments. Paypal Settings will have these options: Enabled, Test Mode:, Paypal Email, Currency, Store Logo for Paypal, Store Name. Offline Payment Settings will have all it has right now in Purchase Settings. Package Settings will have these options: Grace Period, Enable Editing after Expiry, Terms, Agreements. User Purchase Settings will have these options: Buy Limit, Allow users to purchase multiple coupons. Rename Online Payment Settings to Who receives the Payment? and move this option to Paypal Settings. Rename Offline Payment Settings (in Purchase Settings currently) to Who receives the Payment? and move this option to Offline Payment Settings.
2. CSS Fixes, All the Frontend buttons, Print layout, Popup layouts,Description field’s CSS, Rating Stars design, Default No Image design for coupon, Default No image design for store. Frontend Layout: It will have Image or Images slider first, then Custom Fields, then all Buttons viz. Find on Map, View all coupons, Like, Tweet etc. in that order. Remove Mail button from the left. Change Voucher tab colour and size. On Coupon listing page, If there’s no data apart from the image, it should resize itself and remove any white space out there in the coupon listing. On detail page, Coupon and Store title should use H1 tag. Remove the Left bar and move it to the main block and place buttons below the image/image slider along with other buttons.
3. In the backend, have the option to enable/disable Coupon Types from showing in the Coupon Types Drop Down while adding a Coupon.
4. Remove the Affiliate type from the Coupon Type drop down and its subsequent codes.
Get Embed Code doesnt work at times. It just freezes with a message “error”!
5. In the backend, the super users should not need to sign up for packages. They can add coupons and stores without doing any kind of sign up. Simply go in and start adding.
6. Option to Enable Facebook Comments on Coupons
7. Make it so there is No payment options displayed if Payment is Zero.
8. Check if newsletters are being Sent and Created.
9. Create a tab for “Deals bought” to display deals which have been purchased by other users for a store owner’s coupons. Fix”error” message.
10. Custom Messages section – Custom Message for Expired Coupons should also have the Default Editor. Add another similar Custom Message box for Email Text for Sending Coupon to user. Add one more Custom Message box for Email text for sending new store added notification to Store owner. Add one more Custom Message box for Email text for sending User Activiation Email to Store owner.

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