Diet Journal, Weekly Check-In and Doctor Recommendation Tool

Diet Journal, Weekly Check-In and Doctor Recommendation Tool

We are landed with a project to build a Dieter Journal and Weekly Check-In Tool with Online Coaching and Prescription from Doctors.

It will basically serve the overweight user to help him/her with documenting every calorie intake and push the data down to the doctor of her choice. Doctor, on a weekly basis, would review the data and recommend the right diet for the subsequent week. User can look at his/her past data and assess the overall progress. Weekly check-in would allow user to check-in to the tool once a week and submit his/her weight. Based on this data, doctor, from his control panel, will be able to assess the weight gain/loss with respect to the last week and previous weeks’ check-ins.

We chose to take on this project as we found it quite interesting and fun. Also, it’s a good initiative from the point of view of an obese user who wants to shed his/her unwanted body fats and be able to live a normal life but couldnt due to lack of tools and services like these.

There’s more to it but we cant throw in all the details right now. We have got to respect our client’s trust on us. The details about the tool we shared above are pretty common nowadays (yet not so common) and doesnt break our trust with the client. We just thought we should let our users know about it.

We do not build just anything but some meaningful stuff. Money is the last thing on our mind.

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