Re-branding Joomla6Teen as Averros Labs? Your say

Joomla6Teen, as the name suggests, deals with Joomla products. Joomla extensions, templates and plugins. But we do not just build Joomla products. We are way beyond that.

We have products for other platforms as well and we are adding more products from varied platforms every now and then. So, the name Joomla6Teen, is a bit misleading and prospective users may think of it as a Joomla-only company.

So, we have a plan to rename and re-brand Joomla6Teen to something more common for a multi-platform product development company. Something which embodies the whole Mobile and Internet innovation. Something which implies that we are building products for the masses, for users of all major platforms. But before we do any of it, we have to ask our customers first. We go by what our customers have to say. And if they have no clue what to say, we enlighten them with our plans further so they could put across their thoughts. What’re your thoughts?

The name “Averros” came from Averreos, the Spanish Muslim polymath, a master of Aristotelian philosophy, Islamic philosophy, logic, psychology, politics and Arabic music theory, and the sciences of medicine, astronomy, geography, mathematics, physics and celestial mechanics. Find more about him:

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