Mobile Apps - Savior for the Impatient Youth!

Mobile Apps – Savior for the Impatient Youth!

My parents were enthralled to finally have an account on facebook and to instantly receive and send messages free of cost. But there excitement was shortlived when they realised that their son was again a step ahead considering that I could do the same on mobility and in a chaos free way. I don’t have to switch on my desktop, wait for 5 minutes to let it boot up, another 5 minutes for the internet start! (Thanks to my FB app).

Our society, our youth today is impatient. Now we have to face this fact. We know what we want and we want it now, like right now! We think quickly, walk quickly, talk quickly and make important decisions of our life quickly, without even thinking twice about them. And hence, we need our stuff in our plates very quickly. Most of us can’t count the times we sat on our computers to take over a minute to boot up and have found our patience tested.

And here the mobile apps come into the picture. Mobile Apps take the “wait” away. Since most of the information is stored within the application, there is no need to wait for information to load, unless you have a slow internet connection. (now that is a serious problem!) Some even function offline. Hail the app developers!

The mobile apps are becoming so popular and functional among all of us, a Forrester Research report (FORR) predicted that by 2015, nearly half of all the corporate issued devices will be MOBILES!

Mobile apps provide a form of advertising that you can carry in your pocket. We might forget the advertising hoarding or the billboards we pass by but not the application. How effective an app would be, no one could have even imagined a couple of years back. Technology, the applications have drastically altered the way businesses manage their customer base and engage consumers. Five or maybe 10 years back, who would have thought that you do not have to go out in this scorching heat to buy your favourite book, or the clothes you want or maybe even a pair of socks. You can buy all this and more through the help of a simple application over your mobile phone.

From social network apps to communication apps to games, the possibility with mobile apps are just endless. With today’s markets going mobile, apps help us keep the pace. All of us have been bitten by the app bug, from a ten year old who has an iPhone now (I had the coolest pencil box when I was 10!) to a 70 year old. It has not left anybody. And I can now be very sure of this that yes we have entered the “APP AGE”, though in its infancy, it will definitely grow even better and bigger a couple of years from now.

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