Universitas360 College App Push Notifications

Universitas360 College App Push Notifications

Twelth class board examinations have been one of those tough and torturing times for all Indian kids, facing tremendous pressure from parents and some “far off” relatives. The adrenaline levels would take a hit with a few hours to the declaration of results.

This event dates back to the early 1990’s when my sibling’s result was to be out anytime soon and we had that huge Pentium 1 desktop pc with a highly irritating ever loud modem, it spoke out so loud that our neighbors once came upto our house, asking us to lower the volume of our “supposedly broken” radio!(yes it was that loud)

It was 10 pm and the results were out since an hour. I remember father telling us “Let the second red light on the modem be stable and we shall see your result soon” . Unfortunately that light never stabilised and another sleepless night was passed and we were all off to school early in the morning to see the results on the notice board( Yes! The light didn’t even stabilise in the morning). Years passed and thanks to those hardworking and brilliant minds that the modem was replaced with a highly sophisticated white colour “silent” modem. Everything about the modem was worth admiring except the fact that… the red light was replaced by Yellow one with same intermittent life of its own!

Now it was my result time! Internet explorer refreshed and the notification on CBSE’S result page changed from “To be announced on 21st June” to “Announced at 9:00 am”..heart beats increased! I entered the roll number… blank screen… loading… and…. “SERVER COULD NOT BE FOUND” (Slow clapping). The process was repeated almost 10 times again but no yields! World Wide Web could never be a good friend at anxious moments. It was always a disappointment with a new reason or a excuse every other time.

If earlier the problem was  lack of good equipments and technology, now the problem was of some heavy unbearable traffic leaving the users disappointed and agonised. I wonder how many heart diseases would have aggravated due to this(Point to be noticed!)

My experience in Delhi University was no different with server problem still persisting even after 5 hours of declaration of the results but I was a patient human being now having dealt with plethora of situations like these before but now I was fed up!

Hence today an app like Universitas360 is indeed a blessing in disguise. The feature of “Push Notifications” helps me check results quick and fast with no hassles. The amazing part of the app is that it saves the data quickly and can work even when offline. It is one of those very few apps that would give my parents a sigh of relief and in there logic books add on to one more reason of keeping a cell phone apart from receiving and calling for which one should use a mobile only (according to them).

Push notifications resemble one of those SOS features but is a step ahead as it helps the administrations send notifications regarding any event changes that were to take place. Every college or university comprises of thousands of students and a sudden change in any important event details say the venue or timings of annual day creates a major chaos and confusion(Reminds me when my college fest got cancelled just a day before). In such a case no college website or social media platform would be as effective as an instant notification on your cellphone which can easily be updated on the app by the administration.Staff meetings are often subject to changes in timings and circulars prove to be a waste of resources and time thus such notifications come in very handy in such situations.

Any emergency alerts in college eg fire, urgent evacuation in case of earthquakes and what not! Push notifications outsmart just all other mediums and is most effective!

This is just one of those many useful features of universitas360…let the others be unfolded soon! 🙂

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