Obituary Manager Version v1.4 for Joomla in pre-alpha

Obituary Manager for JoomlaDear users
We are trying to reinvent the wheel with our Obituary Manager v1.4. But before we go further with that, we want to ask our existing users if they really want us to rebuild it from scratch or just continue with our existing layout.
Here’s what we have for the next version:
  1. Frontend control panel with an AJAX based profile system where you can manage your profile, obituaries and condolences.
  2. Manage obituaries and condolences with one click without reloading the page.
  1. You want the normal control panel in the frontend which uses the Joomla API
  2. You want same layout as Joomla provides for the frontend control panel
  3. You dont want AJAX stuffs in the frontend
  4. You’re pretty much okay with the page being loaded each time you want to change your profile, add an obituary and write a condolence.
Give it a try and let us know your feedback:
Login with the following credentials:
Username: demouser
Password: demo
Profile tab lets you manage your profile.
Notification tab has all the notifications.
Manage tab lets you manage your obits. Try for an example: Click on Heath Ledger and Click on Comment button.
We also are going to have a new backend panel in the next version with many new features viz.
  1. Custom Fields Manager
  2. Subscription Manager
  3. Funeral Homes Manager
  4. More options in the Configuration 

Go to and  login using the above credentials
Go to Components > Obituary Manager
There you will see many new tabs. Try them out and see if that is something you want in the next version.
We look forward to your suggestions and ideas.

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