PSD to Joomla conversion and the reality behind companies providing this service

We have been providing Joomla development services and Joomla extensions for over 4 years now. During all these times, I have seen many new Joomla companies came up the horizon. While some stayed and produced some of the greatest Joomla extensions and provided quality Joomla services, many went bust primarily due to their money-centric approach. Most of them I know, they specifically came in to provide PSD to Joomla conversion services. But miserably failed due to their lack of knowledge about Joomla as the platform, its core possibilities and the basics of converting a PSD to a Joomla template. Their idea of slicing a PSD, converting it into HTML and turning them into Joomla template using some hard-coded module positions is not valid anymore. It’s not just about dumping the HTML, writing a bunch of PHP codes, preparing the XML file and zipping them altogether in a template installer. That’s the Joomla template until the Joomla 1.0 era.


Cut to Joomla 1.5. The age of frameworks. Frameworks have made Joomla template more flexible than ever. Plethora of options are now available for template’s layout including but not limited to Logo positioning, Login form layout, mainpage layout, Google Analytics settings, background image library, custom fonts, images’ sizes, unlimited options to lay your module positions, Menu controls, Iphone/Ipad version of the template et al.

Go ask your PSD to Joomla conversion provider if they provide all of these in a Joomla template and if the Joomla template from their stable has got this kind of flexibility. Are the module positions flexible and collapsible and can they be managed all from the template manager itself? Can the minor details like Logo size, Navigation bar, Background image and color, footer etc be manipulated right from the backend?


Joomla6Teen, apart from its line of Joomla Extensions, also provides the PSD to Joomla conversion service. More options for your custom Joomla template than any other Joomla company could ever offer you. Gantry framework. Slideshow for images. Option to implement Mega menu or Split menu. Google analytics integration. HTML 4.01 or HTML 5. CSS 2.1 or CSS 3. Each template is tried and tested with some of the most popular 3rd party Joomla extensions. Quickest Joomla template delivery. All this and more. All of it comes included in our PSD to Joomla conversion package. And that with a price tag of $239 only! Incredible but true!


We have a team of 14 Joomla experts with each having an average work experience of two years along with our core team of 4 senior Joomla Developers. Our idea is to create a personalized experience for our customers by providing each one of them with an expert Joomla developer at their disposal. Our Joomla developer continues to remain in communication with you until your Joomla template is done to the last bit. Then comes the after-sales support. Fastest Joomla support. We understand that it’s the kind of after-sales support which measures a company’s professionalism and its dedication towards its customers.


Just so you know, we honestly have never compared our  PSD to Joomla conversion service with the features list provided by the other Joomla companies out there. For us, it’s all about creating value for our customer. And that comes from the fact that we are primarily a product company and we know the value of a customer. We build quality Joomla extensions and have now achieved a customer base of almost over 3000 satisfied customers. They love Joomla6Teen and are going to continue to be with us.

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