Coupon Solution for small and medium sized businesses

61% of consumers use coupons (up from 52% in June 2010) and 37% are looking for more promotional offers than they were a year ago


With the world transitioning from PC to smartphone era, a large chunk of world population has been transformed, in turn, creating new business oppurtunities. Things have been more accessible and more globalized than ever. Businesses do not have to hire field marketers anymore and implement door to door marketing and telemarketing tactics. They are now making money while sitting in their offices, focussing on their social marketing, keeping an eye on what their internet customers are saying about their products and services.

Meanwhile someone sitting somewhere in Europe, makes a decision, reasoned by their semi-conscious mind, Tech bloggers and the omnipresent social recommendation engines, to purchase an Apple iPad designed somewhere in California and manufactured in China. It’s marketing of a new kind. You and your customers have never met each other but they still know more about you than you know about them.


22% of consumers have used internet coupons in the last 12 months, (up from 16% in 2010) with 41% of these coupons being used in fast food outlets and 37% being used in Supermarkets


But there’re still millions of businesses out there who are yet to take a step towards tapping the potential of the internet-age consumers and serving them. They are diminishing their chances of landing customers each day they are going without the internet marketing tools.

Take this for an example – There’s this business with a physical store, selling apparels. Most of their regular customers are from the 18-25 age bracket. People visit the store, purchase their clothes and move on. They did not have any customer retention programme, lacking ideas to make it a great shopping experience for their customers and in turn, losing revenue.

The another business in the same domain, does all of it above, apart from having a programme launched to retain these 18-25 years age group internet consumers. They put up a website, created their Facebook and Google fan pages to communicate with their existing and prospective customers and listened to their reviews and suggestions, made apologies for the goof-ups if any and launched innovative deals and discount coupons.


Successful companies in social media act more like Dale Carnegie and less like David Ogilvy. Listening first, selling second.


Whether you’re a Small business owner or a large business with franchisees all around. You need a complete Coupon solution to meet your online and mobile coupons needs. I would like to take this oppurtunity to present Coupon Manager by Joomla6Teen.


Create Printable Coupons, Deals and Vouchers on your website. Launch Email marketing campaigns, Promote Coupons on Social sites and make them go viral, Display Coupons Map, Manage multiple stores, Rate and Review Coupons and Deals


Start selling today! To the millions out there. From the comfort of your couch!

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